Chicken Taj Mahal – Part 1

Our egg-laying chickens have been housed in various structures contraptions built cobbled together by The Farmer. Here is an example of these finely constructed barely workable chicken coops:

Well, the times they are a-changing.

The Farmer’s father has come to the chicken’s rescue by designing and overseeing the construction of this wonderful new chicken coop.

Built on a wagon frame, this will not be subject to having the base boards rot away from being in contact  with the ground all the time. We should be able to move the layers regularly through the non-winter months, increasing the fertility of more of the pasture, and adding variety to their diet.

The little hole under the front window is where the chickens will enter and exit. To the right of that is the person-sized door.

The large hole under the larger window along the side will hold the nest-boxes, allowing us to check for eggs with out going inside.

The roosts are located in the back, and the floor for the roost area will let the majority of the chicken droppings fall all the way to the ground. This will help with clean-up of the coop.

When it is done, it may have integrated waterers and feeders as well.

Wonderfully, through God’s provision, 90% of the materials used for this coop are items we received as scrap or salvaged last summer when someone offered us a chance to do pre-demolition¬† work on a structure set to be razed.

Hopefully in six weeks or less we can post pictures of our chickens enjoying their new housing.

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