75 Round Bales

Recently we were able to cut and bale about 15 acres of hay belonging to a friend in the LaFayette area. We took our mowing, tedding and raking equipment to the field. Then we cut it and tedded it to help it dry. Finally we put it into windrows so that another friend could round bale it for us.

The hay was loaded onto a tractor trailer, 24 bales at a time, and hauled to the farm.

Aren’t rainbows are fun to see? No, the hay didn’t get wet; the rain was somewhere else.

The hay was delivered to the farm and then it had to be moved into the barn.

The initial goal was to get the hay in the barn and under cover. Over time it will be stacked more neatly for when we need to use it in the winter.

A round bale is about the same amount of hay as 12-15 small bales.

We repeated the process two times. Finally the tractor trailer is ready to go back to its home.

We are thankful for the ability to get hay, for a dry stretch to be able to cut and dry hay, and for friends who help us with the process.

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  1. thanks for the news……a terrific cooperative job/process of getting the hay from the field into your barn….. and dry, too!
    It reminds me of summer times at my grandfather’s farm in Indiana.

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