November Views of the Farm

Last week we had a flood down the property, through the barn and the basement, on the driveway (the pic here) to the road and down the street. Lots of water! We still have some basement things to wash and put away, but things are getting back to normal.

The calves are growing up. Nothing quite like their mother’s milk and fresh air and sunshine to help them grow.

Baby chicks are here. Yes, it is late in the year, but in six months they will be laying eggs, Lord-willing. We purchased the brown egg layer assortment, which includes Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks. They are feathering out and will soon be able to move out of the brooder.

One of the sows gave birth the day after the flood. She carried seven piglets and all seven survived. She is a good mother, grunting to tell the piglets to come and eat and letting them snuggle next to her and each other to keep warm.

Yorek keeps an eye on the layers and turkeys, barking at what seems unusual. People are his group, and so we or folks walking on the street are what he especially barks at.

The turkeys continue to grow, though we will see if they are big enough for Thanksgiving. You can see how the grass is eaten down next to the pen and in front of the pen. Turkeys love fresh grass along with their grain!

Mama, the cat, keeps an eye on her areas. She is a good mouser or vole-er depending on the location and season.

My favorite farm scene year round is contented cows lying down and chewing their cud. Life is right with the world!