2021 Turkeys

We are raising turkeys for the holiday season. And once again we will be selling fresh turkeys on Saturday, November 20, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The turkeys are being raised outdoors and are supplemented with organic locally grown grain. They are growing well. We hope that they will be 8-15 lb.

We are offering our turkeys for $5.00/lb. through Saturday, October 23.  (From October 24 to November 20, they will be $5.25/lb. And from November 21 on they will be $5.50/lb.) We are taking preorders on our turkeys, $20 down, with the remainder due at pick up.

Please email us to let us know that you would like a turkey and what size you are looking for. We will send an invoice for the preorder that you can pay,  or you can pay in person by cash, check or card.