December on the Farm

As the weather changes, we bring the animals closer to the barn making it easier to provide the food and water they will need throughout the winter.

This lets us see when the cows are in heat (ovulating and receptive to being bred.) Once they are in standing heat (when mounted by another cow, they stand still and don’t run away), we have the AI guy come (artificial insemination) and get them bred to Angus. The current Angus bull that the semen comes from is named Brickyard. So far we have bred 2 cows and will breed 2 more in the next month.

The turkeys were not big enough for Thanksgiving. And one night we had a dog get in and kill a lot of them. But the ones left are doing well. We will be processing them later this month. Email us if you are interested in purchasing one.

We have another batch of pigs to head to the butcher in January. These were born and raised here. Like all our animals these have been raised outdoors. They are fed organic grains and day-old produce for a local organic grocery store. They will make tasty pork! Contact us if you are interested in a half or whole pig.

We will have quarters of beef available in late January. This cow has been raised on grass and hay. While not certified organic, it has been raised outdoors and fed the way cows are meant to be raised, in the sunshine with other cows getting fresh air and grass. Contact us if you are interested in a quarter side of beef.

We have several varieties of potatoes available in bulk: yellow skin with yellow flesh, red skin with white flesh, and russet with white flesh. These are available for $1.25/lb for 10+lb. either by one variety or mix-and-match. Contact us if interested.