Further Adventures of the Taj Mahal

Our Taj Mahal chicken coop was parked behind the barn over the winter. This gave us easy access to the chickens and provided a way to give them a protected area outside of the coop for eating and exercising.

In late March it was time to move the coop away from the barn so that the chickens could begin their free-range activities.

The chicken Taj Mahal in its winter location behind the barn.

We used a chain to pull the Taj Mahal back through the cows’ muddy winter access path.

Then we had to navigate out of the barn yard itself.

The Farmer and his son ease the Taj Mahal through a tight spot.

We put the coop in a nice open location, and the chickens were glad to be out in the full sun, exploring for bugs and greenĀ  plants. The coop was swept out and sprayed off, and minor repairs were made.

Yea! Spring!

The Taj Mahal has survived its first winter, and the happy chickens are still producing eggs.

Spring eggs