The High Cost of Home Preservation

Preserving food is work.

We like to put up food each year. Here you see (clockwise from upper right): dried apples, beets, beef, apple sauce, and green beans.

Preserving food is easier with some specialized equipment, like a pressure canner, a dehydrator, and jars.





But it does take a bit of work to pick, wash, cut, and finally, can our beans. Or to pick, wash, cook, peel, cut, and finally, can our beets. Or to pick, … , well, you get the idea.

So why do we bother preserving our own food?

  1. It builds teamwork within a family.
  2. We know the food was produced in a healthy (non-chemical) way.
  3. Having a supply of food on hand is always a good idea.
  4. We want our children to have the experience in case they want to carry it on in their lives.
  5. The end result tastes great.