Eggs – how can I use them?

‘Tis the season to have an abundance of eggs. What should I do with them?

  • Bake with them. Once I had a customer who loved to have my eggs put into cookies. The cookies rose better and tasted better than store bought eggs.
  • Mix an egg with oatmeal or granola. Dressing up oatmeal this way also involves adding some variation of oil and butter, dried fruit, seeds, nuts, applesauce, and yogurt. It makes a deluxe breakfast!
  • Fry the eggs with bacon or sausage.
  • Serve the fried egg as a sandwich with a slice of cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, or tomatoes on bread or tortilla. Lightly grill the bread for a toasted sandwich.
  • Hard boil the eggs. OR steam boil the eggs. Eat them with a little bit of salt.
    • Chop up, mix with mayo, mustard, cottage cheese, chopped onions, chopped pickles, or chopped olives. Add tuna for extra protein. Serve on bread or over lettuce.
    • Mix with cooked potatoes for potato salad.
    • Mix with cooked pasta for pasta salad.
  • Make fried rice. OR make the egg pancake from the fried rice recipe and make sauteed veggies and add cut up egg pancake as the protein.
  • Magic quiche was our go-to winter egg recipe for years. Or lightly saute veggies in a skillet, sprinkle with cheese, top with 4-6 blended eggs with a little bit of milk. Bake at 375F until the eggs are set.

Lots of things you can do with eggs.

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  1. Crack an egg or two and mix it raw with your home-canned apple sauce and raw-milk yogurt for a healthy drink. Yummy!

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