Turkey for Thanksgiving – 2022

We are raising turkeys for Thanksgiving. These birds are moved regularly, getting fresh grass which they love. They also receive locally grown organic grains. And we let them out of the pen to free-range. They enjoy being able to roam and eat. If night comes and we haven’t put them back in their pen, they end up roosting on our cellar door.

We are taking preorders for these turkeys – $20 down which will be put toward the total when you pick the turkey up. Preorder price is $5.00/lb through Saturday, November 19. November 20 and following they will be $5.25/lb. They will probably be 12-16 lb. We can try to accommodate your size preference, but please be willing to take something a little smaller or larger as needed.

Turkeys will be ready on Saturday, November 19 after 3 p.m. They will be fresh and can be refrigerated for up to one week. Let us know what you would like – how many, what weight range, if you want the giblets (heart & liver) – and how you would like to pay $20 down (in person or by invoice). Email us at sales@tojfarm.com or call/text 315.200.2341.