Tell Me About Your…Pork

Pork is the name of meat that comes from pigs.

All of our pigs are raised outdoors year round, having a shelter to minimize the weather. They are fed organic grains grown by Gianforte Farm of Cazenovia. They are supplemented with day old produce from a local organic grocery store and occasional overflow from a local food pantry.

And as the seasons permit they are moved to different paddocks eating the brush, grass and local vegetation.

In the past year we have begun raising our own pigs from farrowing to finishing, from birth to processing. The Bros have a boar and two sows. Each sow gives two litters a year and from these litters we raise 3 piglets twice a year. Most of the pork we are currently selling and all we are currently raising started on our farm.

We aim to raise our pigs to 250-300 lb. They get this size by 7 months and then we have them processed by Kelly Meats in Taberg, a USDA-inspected facility. They cut and vacuum pack the meat into the normal chops, steaks and roasts. They use some of the ground meat to make sweet Italian, hot Italian and breakfast sausage. And they smoke some of the hams, chops and bacon. You end up with well-raised, tasty pork. Local food grown for you!