Baby Piglets

Maple, the sow, has given birth. Last February she carried and delivered 3 piglets. This time she carried 15 piglets and 12 survived. This pic is an early one of them coming around to nurse.

Her delivery was long, taking about 8 or 9 hours. However, she was able to do it on her own without assistance from us, which is a plus.

Maple has a large pen. On the one side we have a creep, a gate that the piglets can get under and be together and sleep. They all have the run of the pen, but the piglets also have a safe spot.

We look at piggies’ tails to see how they are doing. The closer to upright and curled the better. Most of these tails are up and some are even curled.

You can also see some size differences. Most are starting to fill out; one is even stout compared to the rest.

Of course being able to get on and nurse contentedly contributes to good growth!