Spring Pigs – Fall Pork

In March four piggies joined our farm. They were born on another small farm, one that we have purchased piglets from before. Three of these are for our fall pork supply, and one will be a sow so that the Bros. can breed and raise their own piglets. Of course, at first as seen in this pic, they were more inside than out.

Now they live outdoors in this brushy area. They root and open the spaces up, especially when we throw corn down on the ground. Mostly though, we feed them lightly ground organic grains from Gianforte Farm in Cazenovia.

Here is the feeder we use, and yes, it is rachet-strapped to the fence and a t-post. Pigs are strong animals singly, and working as a team either intentionally or not, can move things in ways we don’t want them to. In this case, they would dump the feeder, and the feed would get wasted on the ground. So we secure the feeder to the fence to minimize the waste.

Here are two of the pigs, the ones that came to find me as I was taking pics. I love to see a tightly curled tail on any pig: to me that means a happy, healthy pig.