From Corn to Table

Over the years we have grown a flint corn. [The corn is to the left. The broom corn is to the right. Sweet corn is what you eat as corn-on-the-cob. Flint corn is what you grind to make cornmeal.]This year we are using it for ourselves as cornmeal. Here is the process:

Take an ear of corn.
Oh! Look at the color variation on the backside of that one!
Put the corn sheller on it, twist push from the tip to the back of the cob.
Eventually you get a bucket full of corn kernels…
…and a container of empty cobs.
The kernels we take and grind and get cornmeal.

We have used the cornmeal several ways this year – as polenta, as cornmeal mush, and as cornbread. Polenta and cornmeal mush are just cornmeal mixed with a liquid and cooked on the stovetop until the liquid is absorbed. Polenta is good made with milk or broth. Mush tends to be made with water and served as a breakfast dish.

Here are the recipes for polenta and cornmeal mush and for 2 kinds of cornbread. Enjoy!