Spring Scallions

Our over-wintered scallions

Scallions are members of the onion (Allium) family that will over-winter in our climate. When spring (finally) arrives, they green up and make an early spring fresh vegetable. They have a  mild onion flavor and  can be used green or cooked.

These scallions have been transplanted

The Farmer began growing scallions just a few years ago. Here was the thinking: a single scallion grows into a clump of scallions over the summer…the clump overwinters…in the spring, the clump is divided and transplanted…the process repeats…wow-early spring onions without seeds!

What could go wrong?

(In 2016 The Farmer discovered he has a food sensitivity to Alliums so he can’t eat his wonderful early spring greens. That is what can go wrong. Such are the twists of life!)

Over several seasons, The Farmer successfully enlarged his scallion supply.

This year we have enough scallions to replant some for next year, to have some to enjoy for ourselves, and to have some to sell. They are available at the farm for $3.00 / lb. 6-8 are about $1.00.

From the garden, ready for a bath.
Ready for consumption.