Nutrition Advice

Dr. Mark Hyman has just come out with his book “Food: What the heck should I eat?” The Farmer, intrigued by Dr. Hyman’s recent docuseries on brain health, decided to grab a copy from the local library and take a peek.

If he lived closer, it sounds like Dr. Hyman would be a good customer. Here are some snippets from the book:

P. 47 “Three decades of research have shown that grass-fed beef and pasture-raised meat are significantly healthier than grain-fed, factory farmed meat.”

P. 68 “Pastured eggs are even better [than organic], if you can find them. But unless you’re buying your eggs directly from the farmer, these are not to easy to get your hands on.”

P. 128 “Your guiding principle [with vegetables] should be this: Eat locally grown, organic vegetables whenever possible. Seek out veggies that haven’t been denatured, bastardized, and tamed by the industrial food complex or genetically altered.”

P. 129 “Veggies: What the heck should I eat?” Second bullet: Dark leafy greens, with Swiss Chard specifically listed. (We grow a lot of Swiss Chard here! The Farmer loves it!)

P. 185 “Beans: What the heck should I eat?” Fourth bullet: “Organic green beans and snow peas.”

P. 295 Pillar 4 of the “Pegan” diet: “Stay away from pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and GMO foods.”

We have always tried to raise meats and vegetables in a way that makes them healthy to eat. Our gardening practices are organically-based (no chemical pesticides), and 99% of our seed is open-pollinated (non-hybrid).

We don’t use GMO seed, and we don’t buy GMO feed.

Winter Chicken Pen (w/ snow in the background)

Our animals have access to the outdoors and pasture, and though the chickens don’t really get “outside” during the winter, they get plenty of vegetable scraps, and their coop has a nice south-facing window.

Here’s a big “Thank You” to our customers! We hope you benefit from our farming efforts.