Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a special time for many people. The Farmer has very pleasant memories of going to Grandma’s house for Christmas. Besides playing with the cousins, The Farmer loved Grandma’s nut tray, cracking shells and enjoying tastes that he did not get at home.

As an adult, The Farmer wanted to shape Christmas to his own liking, and since The Farmer’s Wife was willing, a unique format for our meals has developed.

Down at the farm on Christmas, we limit ourselves to a small breakfast – say a piece of coffee cake or something similar. Then, mid-morning, we start work on our main meal of the day – a hearty brunch.

Although we try to incorporate as many foods from our farm as we can, it is also a time to enjoy special things. So while someone is cooking up our very own farm-produced bacon and eggs, several  more may be mixing up a large fruit salad with ingredients from around the world.

Pancakes get topped with CNY-produced maple syrup or homemade applesauce. If we are out of our personal potatoes, we often have organic tubers that we have purchased from our friend and fellow farmer of Otisco.

Hopefully, The Farmer’s Wife remembered to save some packages of our very own sausage to include!

Other favorite dishes may vary from year to year and may include French toast, ham, and jello salad.

Our afternoon “meal” is much more commercialized, as it consists of crackers  with cheese, vegetable sticks with dip, chips of various sorts and other common snack foods and desserts. As a “meal” this stretches from the time it is set out until the guests are gone.

What are your food-related traditions at this time of the year? Email us and let us know!