Windy Nights

Have you visited the website? is a nifty weather-related site that (among other things) shows the direction and relative speed of the wind. Here is a screen shot showing that the wind is at 18 knots as this post is written.

The wind is an amazing force, as The Farmer found out on the morning of December 5, 2017.

The Farmer has  written in the past about our chicken Taj Mahal.  It was built with broad sides so there would be plenty of space for the chickens. It was built tall so that a human could walk in to clean the coop and check for eggs.

Tall and broad also describes a sail, which, of course, is a wind catching device.

When the wind and the Taj Mahal decided to take up battle, it was the Taj Mahal which lost.

Being structurally sound, the Taj Mahal was not damaged. And the chickens simply roosted where it was convenient to finish their sleep. Because The Farmer and his sons had righted the structure by daybreak (and added braces!), no one would have known what had happened.

However, the event was a good reminder of the power of nature and her forces.