Market Research for Food Waste Collection Business

Occasionally we will bring your attention to other enterprises that are working towards the same goals as we are. Here is info about Food Waste Collection Business that is thinking of starting in the Syracuse area.

Greetings! I’m excited to be doing market research about creating a residential food waste collection business. The structure of this service is simple:

  • Receive a bucket/welcome packet
  • Put out the bucket weekly for pickup of food waste, including: Fruit, beans, bones, bread, coffee grounds, coffee filters, eggs, dairy, fish, grains, meat, paper cups, paper napkins, paper towels, tea bags, and vegetables.
  • After we pick up your bucket and drop off a clean one, your food waste goes to a composting site. This keeps it out of the trash, landfills and in the case of fats/oils your drain.

The cost of this service covers transportation cost, drop off fees and hourly wage for workers. Our mission is to keep costs affordable because we believe in supporting our community. Payment would be a monthly subscription model. As we get info from our survey, possible perks or other benefits could be created.  

Please take 5 mins to fill out this survey in order to help us know how to support the community better.  Market Research Survey – Click Here

It’s a simple idea. But the benefits could be felt for years to come.

  • When it is trapped in a landfill, food waste decomposes slowly, and without oxygen. This process produces methane, which is a greenhouse gas 84 times more powerful than CO2 over a 20-year period.
  • Food scraps contain valuable nutrients that are good for the soil. Finished compost can be used in gardens, farms, and landscaping.  
  • Generating less trash conserves landfill/incinerator space.
  • Composting puts your waste to work supporting composters, local farmers, and food scrap haulers. 
  • Without food scraps in it, garbage is cleaner and less smelly.
  • Less garbage can mean a lower fee depending on your service options. 

Thank you for taking the time to help us as we try to recapture food waste. Please reach out with any questions or comments. Aaron Southwick –