Weeds of the Season

Here are some weeds we recently sighted around the property. All are fun to observe, but two, ragweed and wild parsnip, we are especially careful around.

This is young RAGWEED. It has a small unobtrusive flower that causes a lot of allergy issues this time of year.

To see more mature RAGWEED, go here.

The blue flowers of CHICORY open in the sun and heat and close in the cool and rain. This is abundant throughout our fields this year.

MILKWEED is the plant of choice for monarch butterflies to lay eggs on. The larva then eat the leaves until it is large enough to form a chrysalis, from which the monarch will emerge. Note the milkweed pods forming near the bottom of the stalk.

WILD PARSNIP is here much of the summer. The sap can cause blisters and a skin reaction. It has a yellow flower that sort of resembles the dillweed flower.

MULLEIN is a large weed with velvety soft leaves. The spiky top gets lots of pretty yellow flowers.