Smoked Ham Steak

Smoked ham steaks, 1.25-2.0 lb., are easy to cook on these summer days. Here is the uncooked steak. I pan fried it for 4 minutes on a side, covering it with a lid, flipping back and forth several times.

After 20-25 minutes it had cooked and shrunk with the bone starting to separate from the meat. We saved the cooked off fat for other meals and enjoyed the ham steak with veggies, rice and a salad.

  • In the winter I like to cook this over scalloped potatoes in the oven. The fat drains down and flavors the potatoes nicely.
  • This also works well in the crockpot over veggies and potatoes or sweet potatoes. 8 hours on low should cook everything making tasty blended flavors.
  • I don’t grill (or broil much), but this would cook well that way, too.