Beef Tenderloin

A new item that we have is beef tenderloin. This is a piece of meat that retains its tenderness regardless of the age of the animal. And boy is it good! Tenderloins are boneless meat with some fat that cooks up to yummy tastiness! Because it was the first time for me to try it, I didn’t take any pics of the beef tenderloin.

These images are from a venison tenderloin that one of my hunters got this year. It is shorter than our beef tenderloins. The process and the result is the same for both animals. I put the tenderloin on a cookie cooling rack and then set the rack and the meat in a 13x9in pan with a touch of water covering the bottom.

I slit the fat so that as it cooked it wouldn’t pull the meat into a half circle. Then I put it in a preheated 400F oven and baked it uncovered for (30-)45 min. Next I checked it. A oven thermometer would be the best way, but not having that, I cut into the meat to see how rare it still was. I needed to cook it for another 15 minutes to get it to medium to well-done.

After I took it out, I let it sit under loose aluminum foil for 10 minutes. and then cut it. (See the pic at the top.) The result was a wonderfully roasted piece of meat. The fat when sliced with the meat adds to the loveliness. And making something so easy to cook that tastes so good – Wow! It is no wonder that tenderloins are considered a delicacy! Ours are $20/lb. and weigh 2.22-3.27 lbs.