Spring Intruders

As is common in rural properties, The Farm is posted land. The Farmer doesn’t want uninvited guests leaving a gate open or tromping through crops. So when The Farmer’s Wife takes her walk along the road, the bright yellow signs are hard to miss.

The other day, The Farmer’s Wife came back from a walk and reported on a violation of the posted sign. We had an intruder!

It is the job of the brave Farmer to protect his borders, so out he went, weapon in hand…

Sure enough, just as was reported, a pair of robins had completely ignored the sign. Their soon-to-fly young-uns looked anxiously at the “weaponized” camera. But The Farmer left them unharmed and a few weeks later they had moved on.

On a cold Spring, it is nice to have the assurance that the Robins know warmer days are coming.