The Tall and Short of It

A few years back, The Farmer was able to pick some multicolored maize (translation: “Indian corn”)  from the field of fellow farmer Robert Perry.  The Farmer had been meaning to plant it for himself and finally had space and time this year.

On Saturday, May 26, The Farmer planted the corn in hasty rows just to get it done. On July 6, we took a picture,  because your corn should be “knee high by the fourth of July.”

Multicolored maize

 Well, sure enough, the corn is at least knee high. So 5 – 6 weeks are sufficient to reach that height when there is enough water and heat.

More than a few years ago, The Farmer purchased a small packet of broom corn. (The Farmer always seems to think he will have time to plant more than he does!)

So on June 19, probably facing the threat of rain, The Farmer hurriedly hand planted all of the broom corn seeds in a small patch of ground that had been cleared.

How  big do you think those plants were on July 6?

Broom corn

Not big at all! Not even as tall as a pair of scissors.

The multicolored maize – the one with tall stalks – will be ground into yummy corn meal, so The Farmer is glad it is growing well. The broom corn was something new to try. Hopefully it will fully mature and pictures can be posted this fall.

But if not, the cows will enjoy eating the stalks.