Chicken Processing

This post outlines the basic steps we take when we process our chickens.

1.    We slaughter the chickens with cones made from old buckets.

2.    The carcass is scalded in water held between 145 and 155 degrees. (This scalding bucket normally sits on a propane heater, not on a chair!)

3.      Feathers come off in the whizbang chicken plucker, built by one of our sons.  The chicken is then placed in ice water until the next step.

4.      Innards come out on a stainless steel table purchased when a butcher shop was closing. The cleaned bird goes into a second ice water bath until it gets a final check by the quality assurance team.

5.     Our certified scale gives us the weight of the final product.

6.     Our chickens are generally in the freezer within two hours of slaughter.