The Wild World of Labeling

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General Mills wins fight to label Nature Valley granola bars as ‘natural’

By Gill Hyslop+, 19-Jul-2017

General Mills has won a lawsuit alleging its Nature Valley granola bars cannot be labelled “100% natural” as they purportedly contain traces of herbicide.

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From the Farmer – While there is a lot of background information that ought to be delved into in order to begin to fathom the modern complexities of labeling, let me get right to my point.

Treasures of Joy seeks to have a GMO-free farm. Our website even has a statement about that.

One of the ways we do this is by buying commercial feed verified by the NON GMO Project. This is a voluntary, non-governmental approach to creating a supply chain that meets defined quality criteria.

Is the feed we buy 100% non-GMO? Certainly not. The standards allow any given animal feed input to contain up to 5% GMO residue*. That is necessary because GMO has become so prevalent that cross-contamination happens all the time. However, in our mind, having any one given input maxing out at 5% GMO is a far cry better than having 100% of most inputs being GMO. Also by avoiding GMO crops, we intentionally reduce the risk of being subjected to some of the nastier chemical pesticides used on crops.

If you ever have questions about how our animals are raised, feel free to reach out to us.

* SOURCE (see table on p. 13)